Saturday, May 20, 2017

Summer Means More School-Aged Programs!

Unfortunately since I started working on my MLIS degree I haven't been able to keep up with regular posts on this blog, especially book reviews, because even when I have time to read, I don't have time to post a review! Right now I'm taking a Multicultural Lit class that is taught as a super-intense 3-week class (ridiculous, I know!), and I have to read and review quite a few books for class, so once the class is over I hope to have time to post some of them on here.

The other thing I'm looking forward to in the summer is school aged STEAM programming! Yay, I get to put my previous degrees to use and "get my teacher on". I love library programming because it has all the fun stuff about teaching, with none of the crap! Last year I just did one official program, and did test runs of a couple of others at home. This year, I'm doing around 8 programs for various groups. I will be repeating the Doodlebots program with a couple of new groups, and doing the Kaleidoscope program with several different groups.

But, I will be doing two new programs as well, one of which I am in the process of developing right now, and I think it's going to be pretty cool. I hope the kids think so! It will be coming up the latter part of June, and the second new program will be in July (but I have no idea what we'll be doing for that one yet; suggestions welcome!). So check back, as we go into summer, full STEAM ahead!