Thursday, December 3, 2015

Today At The Desk...

Today was a pretty quiet day at the desk, which gave me the chance to get a lot of housekeeping done.  There were many display gaps that needed to be filled, and the shelves needed some straightening.  After that, I returned to my roots as a page and shelved 2 cartfuls of books.  I couldn't believe how out of "shelving shape" I've gotten since moving to my new position!  I used to routinely shelve 3-4 carts a day with no problem, but today my back was killing me after just 2 carts.

While I was doing this I had a few routine questions from patrons that trickled in and out, and chatted with a young mom who was there with her 1-year old son.  We didn't really have the busy after-school crowd like normal, but there was one family who came in and asked for assistance several times, finding materials, parking validation, and book suggestions.  Their 6-year old son was interested in something light and humorous, with superheroes, detectives, something adventurous.  Also, the parents were very conservative about the content and illustrations.  He had already read all the obvious series I could think of right away, and the other couple of series I thought might be good did not have the first books of the series in.  After a quick consult with my manager, I managed to find a few possibilities and one spoke to him immediately. 

I have come to realize that while I do really like doing preschool storytime, I enjoy working with families the most.  It is always rewarding to interact with both the parents and kids of different ages and work with them to help get everyone what they need, and especially  when you have families that come on a regular basis and you get to see the kids grow and their reading levels and interests change and develop.

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