Thursday, February 4, 2016

Today At The Desk....

Today was a little bit different from the usual routine as we had several school groups coming in to checkout non-fiction books.  Often we will pull a selection of books for them to chose from ahead of time if they have a specific genre or topic, but since they didn't have a specific topic assigned this time we just left them to browse the stacks.  Two groups came in the morning, then three more in the afternoon during my shift.  It was kind of a whirlwind as they didn't stay long, just came in, quickly chose books, checked out, and left. 

They were pretty well behaved, other than not putting their discards on the cart like I asked, and didn't need a lot of assistance.  The only slight issue was several of them forgot their cards, despite being told they had to have them, and wanted me to look up their accounts.  I told the teacher I could do that if she wanted, but that they would not be able to be in and out in the 10-15 minutes they had if I took time to look up several students (just to be clear, the limited time was specified by her, not the library).  So we decided to prioritize checking out the students who had their cards and if there was time left I would look up the rest, and it was her call when to leave.

After they left there was of course some tidying up to do!  I went through the stacks and picked up all the books they had left just lying on the shelves, straightened up the remaining books, and replaced missing face-outs on the shelves and displays.  The rest of the shift was pretty routine.  I pulled all the holds and transfers, helped a few patrons locate materials and place requests, and worked a little on some stuff for my Storytime-To-Go program.  I was in the middle of helping a patron find a biography for a school assignment when it was time for the shift change, so I explained this to the patron and introduced her to my co-worker, and brought them all up to speed on what I had found (or not found) thus far.

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